Tuesday, December 23, 2014

How I went out with the Wrong Chris! #TinderStories

We were set to meet at 9 PM at Lillie's on Union Square. Chris was a techy Greek - American guy with a promising startup future, and we met on Tinder.

We had been chatting for about a week when the time has come for us to finally face each other and not through the screens of our phones. I was fashionably 10 minutes late as I was crossing the Union Square, when someone grabbed me by my elbow:

- Hey, how are you?! ... Hi!
- Hi. - I was least than enthusiastic about such street encounters.
- Hi!! My name is Chris! I'm from Greece. Where are you from?!
- Oh, hi Chris, - said I in a much softer voice.

He wasn't exactly 6'1 as he said, I thought to myself and added aloud, "You aren't as tall as you promised though." He joked his way out of my remark and we proceeded to the closest bar he knew to continue the conversation.

Over a glass of wine I began a silent examination of my date. I peered closely at his face: sure, most photos on Tinder are small and blurry and definitely aren't representative of a real person. Oh, maybe, it's the second glass of wine (I had the first one with my friends to boost my confidence) that like a haze coated my brain preventing it from thinking clear.

Suggestive questions followed, "So why are you on Tinder?", "Can you tell me more about what are you working on right now?" Chris seemed to have a gift of gab, threw in jokes and painted with words abstract scenery of his current situation and the nearest future. I was confused.

- So... Did you like my Instagram? - I blurted out.
- No! What are you talking about?! I've never met you before. - My date was finally losing it.
- So... Who are you?! - I fired off.
- My name is Chris, and I am from Greece. - At this point he reached for his ID and proudly presented it to me. "I just thought you were pretty and decided to meet you," - he said.

Now this finally made sense.  Chris told me he was slightly confused over my Tinder questions but decided not to pay much mind to that.

.... So I came one hour late on my date with Tinder Chris.
Needn't to say he didn't believe a word I said and thought I was the biggest fibber of all times.

Ps if you still haven't heard about Tinder, please refer to Wikipedia here

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