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5 Tips for success at a job interview!

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1. Read the job description!

You may think this is a banality - wrong! Reading word-to-word what is written in the job description is extremely important and saves you from asking unnecessary questions.

It also helps to ...

2. have an understanding of everything listed in the job description!

Is there something you are not familiar with or have a vague understanding? Google it before the interview! Rarely people are 100% qualified for the position they apply for however, they must project a general understanding of its characteristics. It is also useful to read other job listings with the same position title you are interested in. See if they list any different requirements (set of skills, programs) to perform this job in the most efficient manner possible.

3. Can do attitude.

Ya ya ya....We all know that. However, it's crucially important you communicate this to your potential employer. Be honest about things you aren't an expert in BUT reassure that you can become an expert. Because there's nothing impossible, and you are very interested in advancing your skills in this field.

4. Get your questions ready!

Asking (SMART) questions shows that you are generally interested and want to understand if you can fit in.

 Questions such as:

- What kind of qualities are you looking in the candidate? 
- Can you give me an approximate day-to-day list of activities of someone in that position?
- How do you evaluate the job progress?
- What is the evaluation process for the applicants?

And many more. Forbes has listed some examples that look helpful!


From my personal experience - it totally worked! Write down things you think are important such as names, who would be your supervisor, or information that you weren't familiar with (particular program applications etc.) so you can what? - Google it and become familiar!

5. Get ready for their questions!

One of the most important ones is Why do you want to work for this company.

This isn't about the money or status. You've got to sell them that you believe in the idea, mission, practices or whatever it is that that company does, and you want to be part of this. 

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