Thursday, June 16, 2016

Hasta Luego, España, You Taught Me a Thing

Here is the long-awaited post about my return to NYC from a two-week-long vacation.

It was a full house on the board of Barcelona - New York flight. Vacation - exhausted and maybe slightly reminiscent travelers sat quietly down covering under the big black shades their long - suffering eyes, the eyes that have seen so much and have been through a lot within the past couple of days.

I quickly screened through the crowd wondering what were their stories, and my attention was picked by a few people wearing t-shirts with prints that spoke for themselves: "Holy Ship" and "Pasha Ibiza".

What did it tell me? These were the hardcore party-goers who enjoy electronic music as i do; who have the thirst for adventure and are ready to hit the rode and wander the globe searching to satisfy their appetite. 

What it also tells me that these guys work flexible schedules that allows them to travel, mostly in creative industries. 

The border line is, with a little bit of context you can create a whole profile on a person and become a much better communicator before a conversation even starts.

By picking on the little details like a t-shirt print you can learn a whole different story about a person and use it in your advantage. Nonverbal communication is an extremely important life-hacking skill.

Paying closer attention to your surroundings you will take your communication skills to the next level and start having a much more personal conversations leading to a better and stronger relationships with people.

You think you are not good at communication, start screening the room at work. Pick up on small details that paint a bigger picture, and start striking deeper conversations. You will notice right away how pleasantly surprised the people will become, once you start asking the right questions. Who doesn't like to talk about themselves?
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