Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Are You Challenging Yourself?


What is challenge?

Challenges are hard. I tried to do the #SoberApril challenge and swore I wouldn't drink for the next 30 days to prove myself and others there is a way to socialize without drinking.

My month of April was all scheduled-up with events and meetings leaving very little time for having second thoughts.
Organizer is open on the April - page

 And you know what?

I have failed the very first day but didn't regret. 

I learned a good lesson that a lot of the time drinking can stitch the relationships you could have never built otherwise. And, no, I'm not encouraging You to drink however I do want You to look at the bigger picture. Sometimes being a little bit more flexible and susceptible of the environment can bring you from point A to point C skipping the B all together - something you could have never accomplished had you chosen not to adapt to the change or the circumstances.

The challenge that I'm trying to do now was born in accordance to the masterminds of marketing such as Guy Kawasaki, Seth Godin, and Ann Handley whose book "Everybody Writes" I just finished reading and totally loved. 

These marketing gurus claim one and all that one post a day can go a long way adding value to you as a professional and establishing your reputation as a thought leader.

So, my challenge of this month is to publish one blog post a day or try to do so and see where it takes me. And if I fail, it's a learning experience. 

As you may know, the hardest part in writing is the start. The fear of writing the first line and for it not to be perfect has stopped me (and maybe you too?) many times in the past. But this time I believe I found a way to overcome my writing fear by speaking out my mind on the Google Voice app that types it all up for me, so i don't lose the train of thought. All i have to do is edit. 

I believe through trial and error we get where we want to be, and failing from time to time is what creates a character and makes us stronger as individuals and professionals.

So let the challenge begin, and I will see you tomorrow!

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